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An international interior design firm based in Zurich, Switzerland

“An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it.”
– Sandra Hinton, Founder –

Sandra Hinton Founder of Studio Hinton - International Interior Design Firm
About Sandra

Up-and-coming on the local scene, Sandra Hinton (née Boitel) is a Zurich based interior designer and European tastemaker.

Her unapologetic passion for beautiful materials and exquisite craftsmanship, as well as her international and multifaceted background, make Sandra a refined designer with a keen eye for all things beautiful. Her design vernacular is one that balances sophistication and edge.

Actually aware of the role design plays in influencing the quality of life of the people occupying a space, she aims to create functional interiors that are timeless yet contemporary. “Being invited into a family’s most intimate quarters is always a great honor.

The responsibility of how design influences the quality of life of a space’s occupants, has always been a great motivator for me to create functional interiors that are not only timeless and beautiful, but also tell their owners’ story. An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it. In return, that interior should make life easier and more pleasurable” she says.


Studio Hinton is a full-service international interior design firm that primarily focuses on high-end residential projects. Although based in Zürich, Studio Hinton has been involved in interior design projects across the globe from London to Paris and Monaco to Los Angeles.  Each project is unique and our mission is to provide a truly tailored service in order to create a design package that reflects your personal vision, aspiration and individual project requirement.

Our studio can assist in any step of the project, from conceptualization to installation. Services include consulting with architects and builders as well as providing a custom approach to finishes, furniture and accessories. We aim to make beautiful and functional interiors and turn houses into homes.

Full-service interior design
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E-Decor is a virtual design option offered by Sandra Hinton Design Studio that allows you to walk away with a custom design for your smaller decorating project without retaining our professional expertise for full-service interior design.

It gives you the advantage of implementing your design package at your own pace, and can easily be done regardless of your location. Whether you’re revitalizing an existing space or have a room in your new home you want help with, but you don’t want to hire a design firm’s full services, e-Décor could be the option for you.
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Luxury interior design company in Zürich

Known for its exquisite design culture—from unique Swiss watches to Swiss-style graphic design—it comes as no surprise that Switzerland is home to some of the best interior design companies across the globe. Studio Hinton, an international interior design company in Zürich, specializes in high-end residential interiors, each unique to their clients’s needs and style. We aim to bring interior design into the 21st century with classic yet functional and timeless pieces that will stand the test of time while serving their purposes in your home. As a well-traveled and business-savvy woman, Sandra Hinton easily navigates between cultures, allowing her to produce exquisite design works uniquely tailored for each client. Her zeal to explore the world and learn different languages has given her a competitive advantage, enabling her to work with clients not just from Switzerland but also from the UK, Monaco and North America. If you’re looking to remodel your interior spaces, Studio Hinton has got you covered. We specialize in high-end architectural renovations and accommodate every interior design demand to create interiors that mirror your personality.

Studio Hinton–Luxury interior design company in Zürich

At Studio Hinton, we believe that “An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it.”

Well-designed spaces can improve the quality of your life, increase productivity, and improve your health and happiness. Thus, we’re committed to creating harmonious and aesthetically pleasing interiors for every client, regardless of their location.

As a top interior design company in Zürich, we attach great importance to matching shapes, colors, and materials to each individual space as well as your personality and needs. 

We’ll only consider the work done when your character is reflected in your newly renovated luxurious space. 

We aim to make your home, your ultimate SANCTUARY.

How We Work 

Every project Studio Hinton handles is uniquely tailored to you! 

Like every building tells its story, each client has their own vision, taste, and preferences. We specialize in a seamless and cohesive integration of architecture and design, thanks to a rich team of architects, upholsters, decorators, and builders. 

With our easy interior design process, we’ll offer you a compete, turn-key solution from conception to completion. We ensure the utmost collaboration throughout the process. 

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Our interior design services

Studio Hinton offers you tailored interior design services in Zürich, from
consultations to implementations, as outlined below:

1.Space Design and Planning:

We plan and
create designs for your home after understanding your ideas and needs, and specify them to meet your needs.

2.Specific Room Designing:

This includes bathroom and kitchen designs, as well as furniture completely tailored to any given room.

3.Color Scheming:

As color experts, we’ll always keep a color story in mind,while renovating a home. Inspired by you, we’ll create a color scheme that fits your taste and meets your needs.

4.Lighting :

Lighting is critical in achieving a luxurious interior. That’s why we pay close attention to:

  • Your home’s electrical layout
  • Type of lighting
  • Ceiling plans
  • Decorative layers of lighting

These factors help your space come to life.

5.Full House Renovations:
We liaise with skilled architects and builders for renovations and leave no stone unturned to address your personal needs and requirements. For instance, in this Monte-Carlo project, we had to restructure the entire floor plan for a more open and modern feel. Considering the house was designed and built in 1966 we had to completely replace and rework all the electrical wiring and plumbing.
6.Custom Furnishings:
This involves the selection of soft furnishings like window treatments, textiles, and rugs/carpets. We also source antiques and pieces of artwork from all around the work and pick unique pieces to fit your style. Other services we offer include:
  • Consultations
  • Projects scheduling and coordination
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement
  • Custom joinery design

Our Interior Design Steps

Our steps are outlined as follows:

Step 1: Consultations

Our first step for every project involves understanding your wishes as our customer. At this stage, we’ll discuss your needs, preferences, and scope of the project. What direction would you like to take with your project? How much are you willing to spend on the project? How big of a change do you need?  Together with other experts like architects, we’ll study the financial, creative, and practical feasibility of your concept, and aim to produce the best results for your expectations. We provide both physical and virtual consultation.
  • On-site (Physical) consultation: If your project is local, we’d love to see it in person.
  • Virtual Consultation: As an international interior design company, Studio Hinton provides virtual consultation to clients based outside Zurich.
During the consultation, it’s best to give us a tour that’ll inform us of your project’s scope. You can send us pictures of your space and the current floor plan. We’ll then arrange a video or phone call for an in-depth explanation of your needs.

Step 2: Design Development

In a second step we look at the project from a global perspective. We want to ensure we’re maximizing the project’s potential and are integrating solutions for your needs and developing the design intent. We’ll develop a full design concept showing the recommended interior renovations, including aspects such as color selections, soft furnishings, and materials.

Step 3: Presentation

This stage will allow you to visualize the final results of your project. We create mood boards, technical drawings, and even 3D images if required that will give you a realistic expectation of your design choices. We’ll present things such as color schemes, wallcovering, decorative lighting, draperies, and interior finishes, furniture selections, custom joinery pieces and material choices for your approval.

Step 4: Installation

This is the final step before handing over your renovated home. At this stage, we’ll:
  • Purchase all fixtures, furnishings, and other materials approved during the presentation in step 3.
  • Request delivery for the items and inspect them to ensure they’re as expected.
  • Install all the pieces, furnishings, fixtures, etc
  • Deliver the final work.
Throughout the entire process, we’ll handle the project for you. You will be appraised on each step from design conception to installation, and we make sure the project meets your needs as it moves ahead.

Work With Interior Design Experts

Looking to redesign your interior today? Whether you want to refresh your existing interior, are moving into a new house or are building your dream home, Studio Hinton is your go-to interior design company in Zürich. Call us today or email us at, and we’ll get back to you in no time. Let’s breathe life into your ideas from conception to completion we’ve got your back every step of the way. Remember, “An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it.”