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An international interior design firm based in Zurich, Switzerland

“An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it.”
– Sandra Hinton, Founder –

Sandra Hinton Founder of Studio Hinton - International Interior Design Firm
About Sandra

Sandra Hinton (née Boitel), a rising star in Zurich’s interior design scene, garners global acclaim for her unparalleled creativity. Recognized in prestigious global press releases, she’s now nominated for ‘The 50 Most Beautiful Living Concepts‘ in the esteemed 2024 Best of Interiors and shortlisted for the ‘International Design and Architecture Awards‘, courtesy of her exceptional Mountain Ash project

Her unapologetic passion for beautiful materials and exquisite craftsmanship, as well as her international and multifaceted background, make Sandra a refined designer with a keen eye for all things beautiful. Her design vernacular is one that balances sophistication and edge.

Actually aware of the role design plays in influencing the quality of life of the people occupying a space, she aims to create functional interiors that are timeless yet contemporary. “Being invited into a family’s most intimate quarters is always a great honor.

The responsibility of how design influences the quality of life of a space’s occupants, has always been a great motivator for me to create functional interiors that are not only timeless and beautiful, but also tell their owners’ story. An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it. In return, that interior should make life easier and more pleasurable” she says.


Studio Hinton is a full-service international interior design firm that primarily focuses on high-end residential projects. Although based in Zürich, Studio Hinton has been involved in interior design projects across the globe from London to Paris and Monaco to Los Angeles.  Each project is unique and our mission is to provide a truly tailored service in order to create a design package that reflects your personal vision, aspiration and individual project requirement.

Our studio can assist in any step of the project, from conceptualization to installation. Services include consulting with architects and builders as well as providing a custom approach to finishes, furniture and accessories. We aim to make beautiful and functional interiors and turn houses into homes.

Mountain Ash Stairs and Best of Interior Award Nominee