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Kitchen Design

In the past, the kitchen was a service room tucked away at the back of the house hidden from public view. Modern kitchens are very much the heart of a home, used for family time and casual entertaining, a subtle mixture of pleasures and chores. A great kitchen should complement your lifestyle as well as service the home. 

Studio Hinton kitchen designs begin with a thorough consultation to discover what you need from the kitchen, how you use it, what you love, and what budget is available. Once we fully understand your design tastes and practical requirements, our next step is to consider the space; both existing space and any extra that can be created from extending or remodelling. With the spaces defined we start planning the layout and flow, making sure the kitchen works not only in itself but also in relation to the rest of the home and the people living there. When planning the layout, we talk in detail to our contractors about feasibility; building work, electrical, plumbing, etc., as all this needs plotting from the outset to avoid problems during construction.

After we have planned how it all connects, we get to work designing the look and feel: cabinets, countertops, shelving, appliances, sanitary ware, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings, floors, walls, ceilings, features, islands, all need to work in unison to make it a place for you to love as well as a functional space. It is at this point where your taste and style really come to the fore. We create concepts and designs for you to see, with samples of hard and soft finishes echoing everything from the whole room layout to the smallest detail.

When we have agreed on the finished design and finalised the budget, we draw up the main project plan, assign our contractors and start placing orders with suppliers. We have worked with tradespeople on projects all around the world and only use those whose workmanship, reliability and professionalism we trust. Quality contractors are vital to the success of a project. We usually involve them all at this point and appoint a site manager to oversee the demolition, construction and technical side of things, while we work on details for joinery, stone production or purchasing tiles and planning cabinet installation. We like to purchase from smaller suppliers who can engineer bespoke products unique to your project. Whether you like to be involved throughout the build or prefer to walk away and leave us to it, you will get a high-quality bespoke kitchen of the best build and, of course, superb design.