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Lighting Design

Every room needs the perfect lighting to not only make it functional, but beautiful and comfortable. Natural lighting is best, but not available everywhere or all day, so it needs to be enhanced. Lighting is an integral part of interior design, and we incorporate electrical layout plans from the start of every project. 

Broadly there are four categories we consider when planning lighting for any space, and it’s a combination of these four categories we use in each space. This helps us decide what we install and whether it should be discreet, a splendid showpiece, or something in between.

Task lighting – The first question is always; what needs to happen in this room? Cooking, reading, make-up, even something as simple as getting a key in a lock, all need lighting to comfortably enable the task at hand. Task lighting can sometimes be delivered by decorative lamps, spotlights, or something brighter and more encompassing. The best task lighting works perfectly without being noticed.

Ambient lighting – Great interior design is all about producing feelings such as relaxation, comfort, safety, warmth and excitement. Ambient lighting is crucial to the feel of a room. Light temperature, brightness and position will enhance the mood of a space. Many rooms provide more than one function which need adjustable lighting; a kitchen, for example, maybe a homework space one moment and a few hours later it becomes somewhere cozy for cocktails before dinner. Just like task lighting, if ambient lighting is done well, it goes unnoticed and makes a room pleasurable.

Accent lighting – Many rooms have a focal point that need showcasing; unique architectural elements, special artworks or antiques should be highlighted. We plan accent lighting to lead the eye towards an important feature. Proper lighting will accentuate the colors in a work of art or underline the beauty of an object or sculpture. Accent lighting is also a great trick to create perspective and depth in a room.

Decorative lighting – Although the most noticeable lighting feature in any room, decorative lighting is usually the final category to be applied in our lighting options. Often the sculptural, statement or vintage piece is an important focal point of a room design whether illuminated or not. When it is switched on it must enhance, rather than smother the rest of the lighting and can be cunningly used to house the task, accent or ambient lighting. There is a vast range of fine decorative lighting installations available in a huge variety of finishes and styles. We have access to many suppliers around the world and enjoy sourcing the perfect pieces for your rooms.

We understand the importance of illuminating a space for maximum benefit and design and install perfectly balanced lighting options in your home.