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Project Management

From your first consultation to the final day where you walk into your new room, everything we do is professionally project managed. An interior design project manager needs to schedule and coordinate all project logistics for supplies, materials, and trades on site, and keep within the budget.

We usually begin a management plan with all the design information and map the tradespeople we will need at each stage. Some trades, like builders and architects, might already be appointed so we need to liaise at the beginning to agree on any aesthetic adjustments, make sure our schedules co-ordinate and keep updating throughout.

We work on the plans with electricians and IT technicians to make sure fittings like hardwired-lamps, switches, plugs, receivers, intercoms, etc. will be in the right place. Same thing with the plumbers – all need to know their contribution before starting work, so there’s often a great deal of communication to ensure everyone is working to the same goal. Next in the schedule come the craftspeople; joiners, stonemasons, tilers, decorators, installers, etc., most of whom will need agreed detailed design drawings and timeframes.

Experience has taught us that all trades appreciate clear information from the outset and, if they come up against a problem, need a quick decision on a solution. There are always unforeseen issues in construction and renovation; the trick is to find the right solution to balance the technical problems with the desired aesthetic outcome – our job is to keep the work moving without compromising the design!

At Studio Hinton our task is to take the designs, concepts, ideas and feelings and make it happen. From conceptualizing the designs, to installing the final project there are many things that need to be addressed besides the construction. Once a schedule of works is prepared, we start sourcing and purchasing the materials we will need. Procurement times vary hugely from days to months, depending on what the goods are and where they come from.

We put together budgets and estimates for the furniture, soft furnishing, lighting, accessories, art, etc. We work with the decorators, floor and tile installers to make sure all the details have been considered before materials go in. We work with plasterers, painters on site to determine texture and colors. On the budget side of things, we write estimates, raise purchase orders and invoices and make sure finances are always clear, up-to-date and the project incoming and outgoing payments are always balanced. The logistics of shipping, storing, and installing purchased goods need planning, and when needed, we write specifications and schedules for the builders and do a lot of the CAD work.

Studio Hinton has many years experience in project management. Our job as your interior designer firm is to take all the stress away from you and present the beautiful, finished room as close to the budget and timescale as can be done. Some clients like to be involved every step of the way, others prefer to have little or no involvement until it is complete – it’s entirely your choice and entirely your satisfaction that matters most.