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Soft Furnishings

Interior soft furnishings are the all-important finishing dressings to a home that underline the taste and style of the occupier and link the interior design to the architecture. Soft furnishings is a term used in interior design to describe items such as curtains, drapes, blinds, pillows, cushions, throws, rugs, carpets – in fact, any items that are mostly textile and used to accentuate furniture or architecture in a room. 

Window dressings, such as curtains or blinds, often have a bigger impact on a room than expected. They frame a view or alter the appearance of an entire design by filtering daylight. Window dressings range from grand statements with intricate trimmings, through to barely noticeable minimalist roller blinds.

The smaller soft furnishings produce tactile comfort with everything from neat weaves to faux fur; they add life with color, pattern, and shape. Something as simple as a couple of bright scatter cushions can totally transform a contemporary room from stark to playful. Well-chosen soft furnishings can add sober warmth to a room or pull a thread across a large space adding softness without distracting from the architecture or craftsmanship.

Soft furnishings reflect your personal taste. Some clients have strong ideas around what they like, and others have just a feeling or flavor they want to convey. We spend time discovering your preferences and style and involving you in the choices, as much or as little as you want to be involved. We are creating a home for you, and we want you to love the finished design.

We carefully choose soft furnishings to pull all the intricacies of a design together, creating a sense of completion. We source from quality suppliers around the world, both well-known, niche, and exclusive, in order to give you access to a broad spectrum of unique materials and styles and create something stunning. It is the home soft furnishings that add layers and sophistication to the completed interior design of any room.