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Styling & Accessorising

Styling and accessorising an interior is much more than copying a page from a magazine, thinking Bauhaus or Louis XIV, or strategically placing a few pots. A good interior needs cohesion, it needs to reflect the taste and lifestyle of the occupant, not the designer. Whether you are undertaking a full home renovation or an entire new-build, we incorporate styling from the outset. Studio Hinton interior designs begin with a thorough consultation to discover what you need from the space, how you use it, what you love, and what budget is available. 

Once we fully understand your design tastes and practical requirements, our next step is to consider the layout and flow, making sure the room works not only as a comfortable, pleasurable place, but also in relation to the rest of the home and people living there. After we have planned how it all connects, we get to work designing the look and feel: flooring, millwork, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings, walls, ceilings, features, accessories; everything that needs to work in unison to make it a place for you to love as well as a functional space. It is at this point where your taste and style really come to the fore. We create concepts and designs for you to see, with samples of hard and soft finishes echoing everything from the whole room layout to the smallest detail.

Our job is to make these ideas come alive in your space and consider the flows, the lighting, the perspectives, the practicality, the feelings and moods, and bring it all together beautifully. When we have agreed on the finished design and finalised the budget, we draw up the main project plan, assign our contractors and start placing orders with suppliers. We have worked with tradespeople on projects all around the world and only use those whose craftsmanship, reliability and professionalism we trust.

Styling begins with paint finishes and specifications, which need to enhance the design and be functional for the room. Many years of knowledge and experience have taught me to understand how colors change in different conditions; where surfaces need to reflect or absorb illumination; how the smallest change in tone can alter a surface from complementary to dominant and how to create the perfect mood for any room.

When we style a home or a room, we involve the full scheme from the earliest decoration through all materials to sourcing a particular antique or artwork, all the way to the final accessories. All accessories are carefully chosen to co-ordinate the theme from the outset and to complement your existing pieces. Some items might be focal showpieces, others may be practical or simply ornamental, but everything has an important role in the cohesive design.