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Gold Coast Book Shelves
Project area : 180m2
Scope: New build and furnishing
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Completion date : 2022

This is the new build of a luxury apartment located in beautiful Zollikon, neighboring Zurich, Switzerland. Studio Hinton was brought on prior to the purchase of the apartment to consult on the floorplan. The work began before the contractors even broke ground. The originally intended floor plan was altered and the bedroom directly neighboring the dining room was transformed into a study and library. The whole side of said bedroom was opened up and a beautiful, two-paneled, fluted glass door was designed and inserted to allow for privacy while simultaneously opening up the space. This gave the open plan living and dining room area a perceived additional room through the glass door and made it all feel more spacious, beautifully complementing the high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling window front and the modern design by Andres Carosio. The kitchen, 

on the other hand, was originally conceived as an open plan. It was redesigned and closed off to separate it from the living and dining rooms. A fireplace was added in the living room, the space that was originally intended for the guest toilet was transformed into a laundry room and a storage/pantry was added. Studio Hinton custom designed the all the joineries, the bathrooms and the kitchen. Much care was put into selecting beautiful stones, woods and other finishes, as well as the fixtures and fittings. Then in collaboration with Atelier 263, a beautiful high-end furnishing concept was created and put in place. The goal was to select and design furniture pieces that would perfectly complement the modern architecture. The symbiosis between Studio Hinton, Atelier263 and Andres Carosio resulted in a timeless and elegant interior.