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6 Reasons to Choose Studio Hinton

Sandra Hinton Founder of Studio Hinton - International Interior Design Firm

Studio Hinton is the business and passion of Sandra Hinton (née Boitel), a Zürich-based interior designer who, although born in Zürich, has lived, worked, and studied in Monaco, London, Singapore, New York and Los Angeles; accumulating a huge range of skills and experience in interior design over the last 15 years.

Here are six good reasons to let us manage your next interior design project:

1 - Time

We save you time and stress. Renovating and furnishing is time consuming and complex. You’ll enjoy being involved in the fun stuff, like design, style, color and material choices. We will do the rest, including sourcing, planning and problem-solving. It is a misconception that interior design is all creative and fun. That part is a very small fraction of the whole process. For the rest you need strong nerves and a lot of patience, that’s our job. We take the stress out of the process and handle all of the annoying stuff so you can get on with your life.
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash
Photo by Aron Visuals

2- Money

We will save you money, because mistakes are expensive. It’s easy to not know what you don’t know, and very expensive to undo even the smallest error. Sure, you can get a cheaper job from someone with less experience or you could even do it yourself, but the money you might save could end up being spent on fixing the mistakes. Alternatively you’ll have to live with the mistakes made, which can all be avoided.

We will not only save you money, but make you some too. A beautifully designed and well planned home adds genuine resale or rental value to a property. Instinct and feeling play a big part in choosing a home. Good interior design adds depth and feeling to spaces that otherwise might fail to inspire. Additionally when a home is valued, the quality of the interior is heavily considered. 

Photo by Josh Appel
Photo by Josh Appel

3- Training

I went to school and trained to be a professional interior designer. I have an artistic eye and know how to balance shapes, colors and textures within architectural and aesthetic parameters. As well as having a design trick or two up our sleeve, we create custom designs tailored to the clients and made to fit the project. We carefully plan the spaces and produce design samples for you to see. This means that our creation will not only be unique to you, it will also be about you; a practical, beautiful space that reflects your personality and style. We think about all the little details, even the ones that might seem unimportant, because for a beautiful and successful end result, every detail is important.
Project management

4 - Access

I have relationships with suppliers that will not sell to end users and only sell to established businesses. This gives you access to unique and bespoke products that simply aren’t available on the wider market. Over the years, I have also built up a network of trusted joiners, stonemasons, upholsterers, seamsters, contractors and architects; all of whom know how I work, and what standards are expected. I stay calm under pressure, am always kind and diplomatic but I have a firm hand, which is a great recipe to get things done on site. With unique products and expert craftspeople, you can have exactly what is right for you in your space.
Project Management

5- Experience

An international background and career path give me an extra outlook on our projects that cannot be taught or learned. I honed my skills and my eye from many years of practice, styling everything from single rooms on a modest budget, to exotic high-end mansions. I have worked across many markets and cultures, which gives me an added sophistication and a broader perspective on things. My experience is especially useful in helping clients who don’t know what they want, find their own particular style. And  all my clients can count on my discretion.

6 - Sandra Hinton

You are hiring me. I’m not a brand, but a real person who will be at the heart of your project from beginning to end. I speak 5 languages and am a great listener, I need to be because I don’t design to my taste, but to yours and help you find your design language if you haven’t yet. I don’t want to leave you with an interior by Studio Hinton; when the project is complete and I’m gone, I want to leave you with your beautiful, functional rooms, crafted specifically for you… 
Sandra Hinton of Studio Hinton Interior Design