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Innovative Designs: What’s Trending in Interior Design 2024?

Peach Fuzz: pantone colour of the year as a warm fuzzy room
Photo by Pantone

The end of each year is always a time to look back at what’s been trending in interior design, and now is the time I look ahead to 2024 interior design trends.

For interior architects and designers, the starting flag for every new year inspiration is the annual grand reveal by Pantone of their color of the year. In 2023 the color of the year was Viva Magenta, a warm, rich, yet lively tone aimed at knocking away post-pandemic grays and spreading a little joy back into the world.

For 2024 Pantone have announced the color as Peach Fuzz, a not-quite-pastel shade designed to embrace both lively and calm tones with a mix of warmth and coolness. Their theme for the year ahead is making connections between old and new, hot and cold, ornate and sober, and showing how easily things can harmonize.

My interior design 2024 predictions

I love looking back each year at emerging trends. Last year, a lot of the trends from my article Top 8 Interior Design Trends in 2023  were spot on.  Now as 2023 comes to a close, I am finding new innovative designs and inspirations for Studio Hinton projects. So based on what’s been trending – here are my top predictions for 2024 interior design.

1. Add a little frou-frou with tassels

I’m expecting to see the return of a little flounce in 2024. Not frivolous ribbons and frills, thankfully, but clever, precise ruffles and stylish trimmings. Expect to see hard edges being softened with a little overspill of contrasting color or textures to accent the design in novel ways. I like to describe it as minimalism with tassels!

a bed with pillows including a subtle peach fuzz pillow with tassels
Photo by Rosie Potter

2. Bespoke open partitioning of rooms

The last few years have seen a fair amount of nostalgia for classic 1970s sideboards and room dividers. The trend for partitioning rooms and zoning spaces with bespoke open cabinetry, following the 70s design style of clean, crafted, and natural wood. This callback to the past is set to expand with new and different materials becoming available. 

To connect with this fashion there’s an emerging trend to break the expanses of wood using fabric panels on doors, and hanging voiles as room dividers. Expect to see a much wider range of sheer fabric panels appearing on the market with everything from light bamboo or cotton weaves to sumptuous art prints.

Photo by Hyde Evans Design

3. Panel that wall

While we’re talking panels; there’s been a steadily growing demand for fixed wooden wall-paneling over the last couple of years. Stylish wall panels are only set to increase as new materials become available. Particularly popular have been sustainable materials, such as bamboo or rubberwood, that adapt beautifully to create sleek, smooth, and highly tactile surfaces. 

I think we’ll see wall paneling in both wood and fabric (often combined) becoming a viable alternative to paint and wallpaper over the next few years. To be clear, paint and wallpaper certainly aren’t going out of fashion. However, the trend is towards a more creative use with wallpaper appearing more on ceilings and paint color graduated to create perspectives with stripes continuing their popularity.

wood panelling with a black background between the panels
Photo by Voodin Interiors

4. Built-in hidden cabinet storage

This trend for paneled walls perfectly complements the growing demand for hidden storage and built-in cabinets. My next interior design 2024 prediction is around hidden storage. Bespoke paneling is uniquely installed with space behind for discreet cupboards, hidden lighting and illuminated alcoves. 

A wall will no longer necessarily be a flat panel of color. Walls can be a curvaceous, tactile wainscot with hidden storage, added insulation and even heating to help increase energy efficiency.

hidden storage behind wooden wall panelling
Photo by Designer Walls & More

5. Go boiserie

On the subject of joinery, until recently, everything has been subtly fluted or plain. Now we’ll start seeing more reeded joineries and expect an ultra-stylish, high-end flourish of – here’s a few words I never thought I’d type – gadrooning and boiserie! 

Walls will become their own crafted works of art over the next few years.

white wooden panels with gold trim boiserie style
Photo by Designer Boiserie

6. Tile the floors with porcelain

Let’s not forget the floors. Recent advancements in the design and production of porcelain floor tiles have meant bigger, better ranges will take a large chunk out of the market for natural stone. 

Porcelain tiles are much easier to lay and maintain, and can be produced with endless variations to suit the design. There will always be a demand for natural stone in heritage properties, but tiles will probably dominate the next decade. And if you really want to be on trend, look out for a resurgence in checker-board patterns – everything from classic black and white to colorful Battenberg-style.

modern bedroom with marble bathtub and porcelain tile floors
Photo by Arteco

7. Love the smallest rooms

Before we dive into a look at color trends for 2024, let’s take a walk around the home and see what’s new. Coming in from outside you’ll more commonly come across boot rooms, or mud rooms. 

Rather than being a clinical afterthought, expect to see these small spaces styled using the same attention as the rest of the house, with crafted furnishings to add comfort and carefully chosen fixtures – practical doesn’t have to mean boring! 

On a similar theme you’ll discover the laundry room has had a makeover; it’s now well-designed, colorful, inviting, less like being inside a mortuary, more like a snug.

purple lavender themed mudroom
Photo by Sarah Shields

8. Personality and curves

Through the home the fashion is for timeless design, more than trendy, with iconic furniture pieces used as statements of the owner’s personality and taste.

One of the most notable features I predict for interior design in 2024 is the curve. You might see a wavy headboard in the bedroom, armchairs with sweeping rounded backs, a sofa that looks like it’s trying to give you a hug. For this 2024 interior design trend, picture organically curved table-tops and walls that ooze around corners, rather than angle off in a new direction.

blue curved sofa and patterned blue rug in open living room
Holly Hunt Design, Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

9. Colors of 2024

Finally, a few words about color for the year. I started by mentioning Pantone’s Peach Fuzz, a perfect complement to the delicious shades of brown that are making a comeback. Pink is still very much in, through all its shades, from the bright Barbie pink to the elegant, muted dusty rose.

As the year progresses expect to see an explosion in the full palette variations of blue, in fact my bet for 2025 will be that Pantone goes blue. But let’s not get ahead – 2024 is the year, to quote Pantone’s own words:

…to nurture ourselves and others. Peach Fuzz is a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.”

Sounds good to me! 

Pantone field of dreams colour of the year 2024
Photo by Pantone

“An interior should be informed by the life that is lived in it.”
– Sandra Hinton, Founder –