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The Twelve Ways of Christmas – Interior Décor Ideas

Hand holding Christmas gift wrapped in holiday paper
Photo by Ben White

Christmas is a festival with many names, celebrated at the heart of winter in a mixture of religious and pagan traditions around the world. However your family celebrates, the chances are that you will be dressing your home with festive decorations for the season. From a passing nod, to the full glory, here are my top twelve holiday decorating ideas to help you create something special in your home or office this year.

1. Hang a wreath on your front door

European seasonal traditions often focus on nature. The classic Christmas wreath decoration has been around for a long time, to welcome your guests and put them in the holiday spirit. You can buy a wreath from a store or, if you’re feeling creative, use your own décor ideas to make it yourself with fresh local greenery and pinecones. If you’d like something truly chic, try weaving wire, ribbons or absolutely anything you feel will look good. A good tip for something stylish is to add touches that echo the period of the property.

Christmas Wreath with holly on Central London Georgian Door.
Photo by Frédérick of Call me Fred

2. Put up a Christmas tree

For many, no Christmas home is complete without a Christmas tree. Choose a tree that’s the right size for your space (a smart tip is no more than three-quarters of the ceiling height) and decorate it with your favorite ornaments, fairy lights, and garlands. If you don’t have space for a tree, consider a simple illuminated log or branch instead. The tree often becomes the heart of Christmas decoration so, for the greatest effect, pick a simple two-tone color scheme and draw this from your tree as a theme around the home. There’s plenty of advice online from interior designers, some of it quite complicated. My feelings are: If you want to try out many different colors and textures, go for it – it’s Christmas!

White Christmas Stockings hung by the fireplace with Spruce Tree Branches & Mantle lights
Photo by Cameron Stewart

3. Adorn your fireplace

If you have a fireplace, it’s the perfect place to hang stockings, place a wreath, or arrange some Christmas candles. You can also use the mantelpiece to display your favorite Christmas figurines, nativity scene or other decorations that come out year after year. If you don’t have a fireplace, think about creating a unique focal point in the living room to act as a centerpiece and counterbalance the room with the tree. For the best effect, try to co-ordinate the color theme from your tree, which will make both displays appear more impressive.

Christmas Living room with fireplace wreath, stockings, and nativity scene that compliment the Christmas Tree
Photo by Element5 Digital

4. Illuminate your windows

Window decals, lights, silhouettes, menorah, and candles are a simple, quick way to add some Christmas color to your home’s exterior and spread a little cheer out into the world. If the windows are big enough, hang Christmas stockings or wreaths in your windows to add shape. Colored translucent paper can be easily cut to create a stained-glass effect creating magical light indoors during daylight. My top tip here, if there’s children around, is to get them making window designs whilst you untangle fairy lights!

Christmas Lights with pine branches decorating a window
Photo by Alisa Anton

5. Bedeck your staircase

If you have a staircase, it’s an easy win to decorate for Christmas as there is already height and shape. You can hang garlands or lights on the handrail, intertwine the balusters, or place Christmas figurines on the treads to create an impressive display in the heart of the home. I know it’s a bit of a negative; but do think about trip-hazards – nobody wants a Christmas calamity outside an Agatha Christie novel!
Beautiful Christmas Staircase Decorating
Photo by One KinDesign

6. Display your table.

Second only to the tree in setting the mood for Christmas is a festive dining table. You can go with a traditional gold, red and green tablecloth, add Christmas décor with candles, ornaments, or garlands to simply invoke the holiday spirit. Or co-ordinate a theme reflecting the rest of your decorations. The secret of a memorable tablescape is small details that will be seen when seated, coupled with a jewel toned, glimmering impact as your guests enter the dining room. A grand centerpiece will give height and plenty of impact but make sure it’s removeable as you’re going to need that space for the food.

Christmas table decorated in white, red and green theme
Photo by Libby Penner

7. Decorate your kitchen

The kitchen can be forgotten, but it’s probably the busiest part of the home at Christmas. If like me, you end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen at Christmas, hang a few small stockings from your cabinets (I usually hide chocolates in them), place Christmas figurines on the shelves or, better still, bake some Christmas delicacies for the aromas of the holiday season.
LIGHTS4FUN kitchen Christmas decoration trends
Photo by Oliver Perrot

8. Titivate your bathroom

I know it sounds over the top, but even your bathroom deserves a little Christmas makeover, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of your visitors! Hang a stocking on the towel rack, place a Christmas figurine on the sink, or go over the top with a Christmas-themed bathmat. If you want to stay stylish, how about an orange and clove, or nutmeg scented pomander for a delicious seasonal feeling in the smallest room.

Galvanized Chic Boutique Christmas Bathroom with Tree
Photo by Kari Johnson

9. Decorate your bedroom

You can go all out to create a cozy Christmas retreat in your bedroom by hanging a wreath on the door, placing a Christmas tree in the corner, or adding some Christmas bedding. If you don’t want the family to think you’ve gone completely elfy, try just a simple string of fairy lights to invoke the festive mood.

Christmas Bedroom Decorations with toy soldier pillows, a small tree, and Christmas candles
Photo by Volant

10. Illuminate your porch

If you have a porch, illuminate it for Christmas with lights, garlands, and other decorations. The entrance to any building is a welcoming focal point and sets the scene for what lies beyond. For maximum effect I’d always suggest you stick with one color of lighting at night, which will really look impressive, and let the garlands wave their welcome during daylight. Spraying a little fake snow is tempting, but you’ll regret it in the new year when you come to clean it off!

Illuminated Porch at Christmas with lights and a fireplace
Photo by Jean Estrella

11. Decorate your home and garden

If you have outside space of any kind, you can have festive decorating fun dressing it for Christmas with lights, inflatables, and other decorations. Some homeowners go all-out to create an enormous winter wonderland display reaching the roof. But it’s possible to create a very impressive display by simply illuminating existing foliage or placing a single piece to draw the eye.

House porch and entrances decorated with Christmas Wreaths and pine branches
Photo by Lindsay Doyle

12. Decorate your pets

OK, so maybe this is going a little too far, but even your pets could get in on the Christmas fun! You can buy them a Christmas sweater, bandana, or hat. You can also place them in a Christmas-themed pet bed or basket.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home for Christmas, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the holiday season! Don’t stress over trends, schemes and fashions for decorations, because there are far more important things in our world, and it will all be packed away in a few weeks.

Merry Christmas!

Dog with Christmas Tie on bench surrounded by background Christmas decorations
Photo by Izabelly Marques

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