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Echo Park

Echo Park
Project area : 12m2
Scope: e-Décor and “shopping list”
Location : Los Angeles, USA
Completion date : 2018

This is a little e-Décor project for a couple of young parents. In the stress of parenting, working and everyday life, they wanted to create a little retreat for themselves and asked for help with their bedroom. Studio Hinton consulted with them on FaceTime, asked for photos of the existing bedroom and measurements, exchanged Pinterest account information and shared inspiration images in an initial step. Once it was clear what needed to be done and what the desired look and feel was, a mood board was created.Studio Hinton presented the concept

and discussed its details, and after the final choices had been made, a shopping list was created, and the clients purchased and installed everything themselves. Studio Hinton was mindful of the budget and selected various high-street furniture pieces that were all purchasable online. In addition, attention was put into selecting a variety of textiles that would elevate the space and the goal of this concept was to create a space that would feel soothing and peaceful to its occupants.